Welcome to Enmei Dojo

Located in Titusville, Enmei Dojo has classes in aikido, judo, kali, and taekwondo.  We have a very nice facility with a 1500 sq ft gymnastics mat and a traditional setting.  We have time available for other activities also.  We would be interested in hosting any compatible activity, particularly yoga or tai chi.  If you are interested in teaching at Enmei, please call Dr Drysdale.

Enmei Dojo is North Brevard's premier place to study the Japanese martial art of aikido.  Under the leadership of Dr. Alan Drysdale, godan, and a dedicated team of instructors we strive to perfect our technique, to uphold the traditions of bushido, and to practice a sense of comaraderie amongst all of our students.  Visitors are welcome to stop by and watch, or if you prefer, to get out on the mat and try it out - the gymnastics mat makes for trouble free ukemi and the first three visits are free for new aikidoka.  If you are a visiting Aikidoka outside of our affiliates, a $10 mat fee is requested.

We hope to see you at any of our many practice times.  However, we do have a beginners class and that is an easier introduction. 

For aikido morning classes please call Mr Gould, 636-8624.

We also have classes in taekwondo and kali, on Monday and Wednesday evenings.  For information please call Mr Hurley, 385-7393 or email him at titusvilletkd@gmail.com.  Their Facebook page is www.facebook.com/titusvilletkd

We have recently started a judo class, Sunday 1 to 3 pm.  Judo is a great activity, with a focus on competition and kata.  For information, go here or call Dr Drysdale at 321 269 2394.

Current Practice Times:  (please call to confirm)

  • Mondays      8:30 - 10:30 am   aikido (call)
  •                      6 - 8 pm:              taekwondo
  • Tuesdays      7 - 9 pm:              advanced aikido
  • Wednesdays 8:30 - 10:30 am   aikido
  •                      5 - 6 pm:              taekwondo
    •                      6 - 7 pm:              kali
  • Thursdays    7 - 9 pm:               general class aikido
  • Fridays         8:30 - 10:30 am   aikido
  • Saturdays    10 - 11 am:           adult beginners
  •                      11 - 12 pm:          adult aikido
      • Sundays       1 - 3 pm               beginning judo

This is our traditional tokonoma.

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