Monthly Archives: August 2019

Class closures for Hurricane Dorian

Karate, yoga, and my aikido classes will be canceled until further notice because of the hurricane. If the dojo comes through undamaged and has power, I expect we will be reopening next Saturday, but I will put out a notice before we do reopen. Those who do the weekday noon classes and kali should check with the respective teachers.

Everybody be careful, play it safe, and good luck.

YouTube channel

The dojo now has a YouTube channel.  If you search for Enmei Dojo you will find short videos of the first five jo suburi – selected mostly because I had them when I went to set up the channel.  Interestingly, the search also picks up videos about the Enmei Ryu sword school – Musashi’s style, which this dojo is named after.

I will also upload videos of the 6th kyu test.