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Testing Requirements

Syllabus.  These are the testing requirements for aikido at Enmei Dojo, from 6th kyu up into the black belts.  These are minimum requirements, and students testing for higher rank can be required to demonstrate test requirements from any earlier test.

The syllabus is a guide.  Testing requirements may be changed at any time.  In particular, students with physical problems will not be asked to do techniques they have difficulty with.  This is particularly true for students with bad knees: they will not be expected to do suwari waza or hanmi handachi.  Students with problems should contact the staff and discuss the situation.  Typically, different techniques will be substituted.


Enmei Dojo is now at 4000 Holder Pk Dr, Mims, FL 32754. Our head instructor, Dr. Alan Drysdale, can be contacted at (321) 269 2394 or by e-mail at map


You can pay in person with a check or cash.

Full membership : $40.00 USD – monthly
Beginners : $20.00 USD – monthly

We try to keep our rates as low as possible. Check out prices at other schools in the area. We do not try to make a profit, we just cover our expenses.

Beginners class, aikido: $20 a month

Individual membership: $40 a month

Family discount – $5 a month reduction for each additional student

Kyu testing fees: $50

Dan testing fees: $100