New bigger mat and more people

We just finished enlarging the mat at the to 720 sq ft. . We have been having classes of 5 – 6 people for aikido, and have picked up a new student in yoga. (Welcome Victoria.) Some of the aikido folks are old students. (Welcome back Sid). Some are new. (Welcome Josh.) With the increased attendance, we needed the extra space. Though we are spoiled for space. A 500 sq ft dojo in Japan might have 20 people working out. You just learn to pay attention to where you are putting your uke, and as uke you learn to fine tune your trajectory so that you land on mat not somebody else.

We did go outside to do weapons on the grass both on Saturday and Tuesday. This was only partly for the heat. We also needed the space for some of the kumi jo techniques. It was nice to have lots of space, and it is actually good for practice that the ground is slightly uneven. It makes you pay attention to your feet.

I did think about going outside and doing yoga on the grass, but then it started to rain. And then the power went out. It was plenty light enough to do yoga, but after a minute or so the power came back on.

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