Karate mostly involves striking, though in some of the kata and tai ho jitsu there are also throws, locks, and immobilizations.

At Enmei Dojo, we teach Yoshukai Karate.  Yoshukai was developed from Chitoryu by Mamoru Yamamoto and Mike Foster, and further refined by the current board.  There is more information on the history of the style at http://www.yoshukai.org/history.html.  The Enmei class is affiliated with the main Titusville dojo operated under Mr Copeland.

Yoshukai focuses mostly on kicks and punches, though elbows are also used in some kata.  The whole body is used in striking, so hip rotation and stances are important in developing power.  The most important stances are zen kutsu dachi and shikkodachi.

Yoshukai does involve blocks, but more attention is paid to attacking than defending.  It is a very aggressive style.  In most styles, the first movement is backwards.  In Yoshukai, the first movement is forwards.

Practice involves kata, tai ho jutsu, and kumite.  Proficiency in all three areas is required for shodan.  There are 21 kata.  They provide the opportunity to practice basic and not so basic movements and sequences of movements.  Tai ho jutsu are short sequences of techniques, often in response to a face or chest punch.  20 are required up to shodan.  Kumite or sparring can be point fighting or continuous fighting.  For testing, kumite involves continuous fighting, with targets above the belt and light contact to the face.