• Aiki Web – The best resource for all things Aikido.
  • Bamboo Dojo – A dojo in Vero Beach that has everything, including aikido, karate, jui jutsu, and iaido.  Run by Mr. John Matthews.
  • Brevard Aikikai – A dojo in Melbourne run by Mr. Grady Lane, USAF rokudan.
  • Bujin Design – One of the best sites for Aikido, Kendo, and Karate gear.   Now operating in conjunction with Aikido24.
  • Kingfisher Woodworks – A great place to find high quality wooden weapons made from hand carved Appalachian Hickory for a variety of Japanese Martial Arts. They also feature more economical sanded finish weapons as well.
  • Yoshukai Karate International – Great karate organization.  Their local dojo is at