Party and Open House

We plan to have an open house followed by a party on Dec 4th. The open house will be at regular class times: 9 – 10 am for karate, 10 -12 for aikido and 12 – 1 for kali. So if you have been thinking of checking it out, that would be a good time. We also do yoga, but that will not be part of the open house, but you can come to any yoga class (Wed 6:30 – 7:30 pm) to check it out. Everybody is welcome.

The party will start about 2 pm, to give the kali folk time to finish class and get ready for the party. In practice, we will start drinking beer a bit before then, and I plan to start cooking the hot dogs and hamburgers about 2. Any left overs, I’m sure the pigs will appreciate.

The new mat extension should be in place by then, taking our mat up to almost 900 sq ft. So we need a few more people to fill it up.

Lately, our Tuesday class has been mostly weapons, mostly kumi tachi and kumi jo (pairs practice). This Tuesday, we plan to start working on Saito’s kumi tachi 6 – 10.

Saturdays are our busiest classes, and we will be working on basics and advanced tai jutsu.

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