Upcoming cross training seminar

We have settled on dates for a cross training seminar within the dojo and the spring seminar.  I will post seminar flyers when they are finished.

The cross training seminar will be on Saturday May 16th from 4 to7 pm followed by a social at Dog’s R Us. The cost for the seminar will be $20.  This will be primarily between aikido and kali, but may have some judo and TKD thrown in.  This will be an interesting opportunity to see some new stuff, and we will be catering to beginners in the various arts as well as advanced students.  Also a good opportunity to get to know the students and instructors of the other arts.

The spring seminar will be held on Friday, June 5th and Saturday June 7th.  The Friday class will be 6 – 7:30pm Kihon (General Practice).  After class we will repair to Dogs R Us for refreshments.

Saturday classes will be 10 am – 12 pm Waza(Technique)and 2 – 4pm Waza and Yawarikau(flowing technique).

The teacher will be Arnie Gentile, the head instructor of Aikido of Saratoga County, New York.  He also works out at the Bamboo Dojo, Vero Beach, when he is in town.  Some of you will have met Arnie from classes at Enmei.

This will be a good opportunity for seeing a bit different take on aikido, as well as working with different people.  The cost is $30, and this includes beer and pizza after the Saturday classes.

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