Regular practice, downtown Titusville, and Cross Training

Worked on test material for 5th and 4th kyu and 1st dan. Katate tori (gyaku hanmi) and yokomen uchi are very similar, and shodan is a compilation of all the other tests, so it isn’t hard to find material that is related.

After we got a bit worn out, we started working on aiki jo.  What we do in aikido is probably as similar to jodo as aiki ken is to kendo.  The moves are similar, but the emphasis is different.  Jo work is important as it involves a different ma ai.  It also helps to improve movement.  At the Hut, we used to use heavy metal weapons.  This makes it even more important to move from the hips (center).

We did the first 10 jo suburi, then worked on the 1st kumi jo.  Maintaining correct distance and alignment is both important and requires practice.

On the evening of the 12th (Friday), we have another downtown Titusville event.  Doug can not make this one, so I hope lots of others will.

Saturday 13th, 1 – 4, we have our annual cross training seminar with Yoshukai Karate.  Hope to see you all there.

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