We now have a yoga class at Enmei

After looking for over a year for a yoga teacher, we have gone ahead and started a yoga class at Enmei Dojo.  The first class was to have been on October 5th, but was pre-empted by preparations for hurricane Mathew.  The first actual class was last Wednesday, 12th.

Classes are free for the month of October.  We will probably work out some introductory offer for new people after then, but at this point we have not decided on a schedule of payment.

We had a good attendance at the initial class, with 6 of us.  It seemed the response was very positive, so we will continue it for the foreseeable future.  If nothing else, it makes me actually get out there and practice, which I tend to do very sporadically at home.

So tell your friends, come along, and try it out.

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