Karate classes definitely starting

We have decided on a starting date, so come along and try it.  Most folks will be beginners.

Classes will be on Saturday mornings , 9 – 10.  The first class will be the Saturday after the July 4th holiday – July 7th.  We will do them as long as there is interest, and if enough people are interested, we will look to add more classes.

There is no charge initially.  Eventually, we will probably ask people for $30 a month, or $20 extra if they are already doing another class.  However, for now the most important thing is to get a critical mass.  So for now, free karate lessons.  Tell all your friends.

There will be no sparring initially.  We need to get insurance coverage for that, which is probably not included in our current coverage.  Plus, people will need to get gear, like mouthpieces, gloves, and so on.

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