In many ways, randori is the epitome of aikido.  We started some new guys on it yesterday, and there are some points that we all need to remember.

First of all, keep moving.  When you stop, everybody is right on you.   Keep moving, keep away from corners, keep away from walls.

Keep turning.  You always need to keep checking who is behind you, and you are harder to hold when you are turning.

Maintain extension.  That way you have time to deal with an uke.

Blend, blend, blend.  When you come into conflict with somebody, you will stop moving and they will all jump on you.

Deal with one uke at a time.  Move so that only one uke is close at a time,

Do good technique.  Take your time and do technique correctly, and it will usually work.  But don’t waste time either.

Have a plan B, and a plan C, for when something goes wrong.  (Or have no plan, and just improvise really well.)

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