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More about the cross training seminar

More about the cross training. The instructors will be Ricky (Yoshukai karate), Joe Justado (kali), Bill Wayne (Gojo Ryu karate), and myself (aikido).

Ricky said he is going to do slow motion fighting – a training method to give people time to learn how to spar more effectively.

Joe is going to do disarms and locks with a kali stick.

I haven’t decided, but I might do grabs in fighting. (And yes there are good reasons to grab somebody trying to hit you.)

I don’t know what Bill Wayne will do. Last year he did sweeps. IIRC, the year before he did kubitan techniques.

Xmas schedule

The current plan is to cancel aikido classes for the next two Tuesdays (24th and 31st). Tuesday classes will start up again on 7th. We cancelled classes on Saturday 21st, because nobody but me could make it. But we plan to have classes on 28th and 4th. The next two Wednesdays are Xmas Day and NY Day, so there will be no yoga then. Classes will start up again on 8th. Thursday classes will start back on 9th.

However, it is best to contact me if you are unsure about the schedule. 321 269 2394, or

So Merry Xmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy New Year, or whatever you wish for yourselves. Be safe and don’t eat too much.