Status and update

Hi everybody. I will try to add a blog entry on my own.

First of all, we have had several beginners show up, two have paid, and one of them has been twice. I don’t know if this is because of our Friday night downtown events, or just luck, but I hope they keep coming, both the ones we have, and additional people. Please keep telling your friends, relations, and casual acquaintances. Keep a few of our business cards with you and hand them out to whoever you meet.

We did do another Friday night event in downtown Titusville. Doug and Jon were there. Doug brought a laptop and a car battery to run it. Sid left us the table but had to be out of town. Thanks to the folks who helped! However, I had the fun of setting up all on my own. It goes better with more hands especially when it is a bit breezy. I don’t think we had quite as many folks to talk to this time, but it was definitely worthwhile.

The website has been a bit uncooperative in letting people pay their dues. It worked for Chuck, but then did not work for Jerald. I have updated it, and it appears to work, and you will only need to do it once – it will accept subscriptions, and then repeat the transaction every month until cancelled. Please let me know how it works, those of you who use it.

Finally, I have moved to Mims. When I get sorted out, we need to have a party. We have 20 acres to play on, so maybe we will have a special practice in the fields followed by a party.

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