Second try

Well, my second post did not go as I expected – it disappeared into a black hole. I thought I had saved a copy, and that disappeared also.

Anyway, two of the beginners have returned, Shaun and Tom. Welcome to both of you. Both seem quite excited, and should be fun to work with.

I don’t know if it is the Friday night exposure that is helping, but we have had 4 beginners in the past month, vs one in the last year (Stavros – who is doing very well). Anyway, please adverytise all you can. Shaun works out at the Cape, and took some flyers for the O&C building. We need to think of other buildings we are not covering. Those of you who are not working out at the Cape, please find places to post flyers also.

I have been teaching some karate in aikido classes, to improve people’s attacking skills. Last night I taught some aikido in karate class :-). A bit of something different adds interest, keeps people motivated.

Anyway, time to go to class. Hope to see you there.


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