Continuing practicing safely

The dojo is still open, though losing money rather faster than usual. Before each of my classes I am disinfecting surfaces likely to be touched, like door handles, light switches, and so on. That and maintaining distance seems to be working to prevent transmission of viruses.

Students are asked to not come if they have been exposed or have any symptoms such as a cough or fever. Otherwise, we’d love to see you in class.

Karate classes involve everything but kumite and other exercises involving contact like tai ho jutsu – so kata and floor exercises. Randy just tested for 4th kyu and did fine.

Aikido, we are doing weapons. We are pretty familiar with Saotome’s kumi tachi and kumi jo, and are getting familiar with Saito’s. The two systems are similar, but fairly different, particularly the kumi tachi. It is instructive to work out why each movement is made, and why it is effective.

Weapons are very good for ma ai and footwork in general. Most people practice aikido too closely, and don’t attack like they would IRL. This does not matter too much up to shodan, but for higher levels it is critical. The attack actually starts before making contact, and the technique continues after breaking contact.

Yoga, we are doing just like we always did it, except for arriving and leaving where we are careful to maintain distance. We are maintaining adequate distance during the practices, so we are not wearing masks though people are welcome to wear them if they wish.

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