Still open!

Just so everybody knows, we are still open. We are just doing weapons rather than aikido, and non contact karate (kata, floor exercises), and of course yoga is non contact. However, this is working. We do get to focus more on things we tend not to work as hard, like kumi tachi. These exercises are vital for developing timing, and distance, as well as being good for general physical development.

2 thoughts on “Still open!

  1. Dr. Drysdale,

    I studied at Sandrift Aikido in the Nineties, I’m sure you don’t remember me, Charles Edwin Weatherford.

    I was a ” book smart” know-it-all, uncomfortable in my own skin, so immature.

    I’m 68 with diabetes and heart disease, but last Easter, I had reached rock bottom, I ask Jesus for help, and he put a Joy in my heart, that is indescribable.

    Anyway, I would love to resume training.

    I actually stopped by and met Sid, fresh off a camping adventure, I was planning to come the next day, but as they say, Stuff happens.
    I’m recovering from a sprained ankle, but still very motivated given the times.

    I hope you will consider me as a student .


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